Veterans Parade 2022
Our club provided rides for parade dignitaries and particpated as parade entrants.  Thanks to all Veterans for their service.

Halloween Party -2022
A fun loving group of members and guests gathered at this year's annual party.

SCCC Color Run Oct 7th - 9th, 2022
This year's Color Run was later than usual.  We headed to Keystone and saw colors, some snowflakes.  The drives through the mountains were spectacular.

Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend - Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2022
Two couples traveled to Arkansas for attend the 31st annual Corvette Weekend.  Over 350 cars registered, lots of fun events.

White Water Bar & Grill - Sept 10, 2022
It was a rainy day but we had a good time at the White Water.

SCCC 40th Anniversary - August 20, 2022
There were 37 members and guests attending the 40th Anniversary picnic, which was provided by our sponsor Daniels Long Chevrolet.  Check out the Vettes.

Missouri Day Parade in Fowler, CO - July 16, 2022
This was the 100th anniversary for the parade.  We had 6 cars participate in the event.

Retirement Home Car Expo - June 18, 2022
A local retirement home invited us to show off our cars for the residents.

Weisbrod Air Museum Car Show - April 9, 2022
The SCCC had 17 cars in attendance to support the Air Museum.  It was a great day for a car show.  Afterwards we went to Milberger Farms for lunch.

Veteran's Parade - 2021
The SCCC was well represented at this year's parade.

Halloween Party - 2021
Some very creative costumes at this year's party.  A fun night for all who attended.

Drive & Dine 10-9-21
There were 25 members who attended this fun event.  We went to Canon City Brews & Bikes.  It was good to see Jim & Nancy!

SCCC Color Run to Durango, Sept. 24-26, 2021
We headed to Durango and then took the train to Silverton on Saturday.  The colors were out to greet us.

39th Anniversary of the SCCC
We celebrated at Lake Pueblo State Park.  Good food, fun people, and hot cars.  Thanks to Daniels Long Chevrolet for sponsoring this fun event.

Black Hills Corvette Classic - July 15-18, 2021
The SCCC had a group head north to Deadwood, SD to see firstthand the 600 Corvettes that attended the BHCC.  The cars were fantastic and the trip was a lot of fun.

Drive & Dine - July 10, 2021
The SCCC went to the Gutterhouse for lunch.  We had a good turnout for this event.

Drive & Dine to Cold Beer New Mexico - April 10, 2021
The club was ready to roll after a year of minimal activities.  We had 18 cars and 33 members attend the event.  We drove to the Colfax Tavern in Cold Beer NM for lunch.  It was a fun run for sure.

SCCC Color Run - September 19th-20th, 2020
The club traveled to Hotchkiss, CO and stayed at the Hotchkiss Inn.  A good trip with great scenery.

Pueblo VA Home Drive By Parade - September 12, 2020
The SCCC and the CSCC participated in a Drive By Parade for the Veterans who have been shut in for a few months due to COVID.

SCCC 38th Birthday Celebration - August 16, 2020
We held the 38th anniversary party at the Three Sisters restaurant in Colorado City

Food Cruise - July 11, 2020
We had 20 members drive to Cold Beer New Mexico to the Colfax Tavern for lunch.  A good drive, good food, and lots of fun.

BBQ Ribs on the Driveway - June 20, 2020
We got together for the first time since early March.  Twenty six members enjoyed a BBQ dinner on the driveway.  Ribs by GG's were great!

Drive & Dine to Salida - March 7, 2020
It was a gorgeous day for a drive to Salida and lunch on the river.  This trip took place before the world got crazy which seems like a long time ago.

SCCC Christmas Party - December 7, 2019
We had 50 members attend the annual Christmas Party held at the Pueblo Country Club

Pueblo Veterans Parade - November 9, 2019
We had over 20 cars participate in the parade.  Many of the cars had signs recognizing specific veterans.

Avondale Veterans Parade - October 5, 2019
Our club was asked to carry the parade honorees.  We were glad to help out.

Corvettes & Colors - September 23-25, 2019
The first ever Corvettes & Colors sponsored by the SCCC was held in Telluride, CO.  A fun time for all who attended.

SCCC Color Run - September 19-22, 2019
We headed to Ouray, CO for a fun weekend in the mountains, highlighted by a jeep trip over Imogene Pass on Saturday.

SCCC Birthday Bash - August 24, 2019
The SCCC celebrated our 37th birthday by having a party at Lake Pueblo State Park.

Villa Pueblo Senior Livining Community Car Show - July 27, 2019
We brought some cars and some fun to the senior center.

Missouri Day Parade - Fowler, CO July 20, 2019
The SCCC participated in the annual parade.

NCCC Convention in Denver July 2019
The SCCC handled registration and then some members stayed for the convention events.

Pueblo Municipal Band Patriotic Concert - 2019
The SCCC along with Dennis & Patty Clark were sponsors of this year's annual patriotic concert.

AUTO X at PMP 4-7-19
We had over 35 cars participate in our spring event at Peublo Motorsports Park.  It was a great day for racing.  Good times and fast cars!

Drive and Dine to Mexico City - February 2019
The weather turned nice and the club went to La Junta to the Mexico City restaruant.

SCCC Christmas Party - December 2018
Our annual Christmas party was held at the Pueblo Country Club

Pueblo Veterans Parade - November 2018
We had a fantastic turnout for this year's event....Thanks for honoring our Veterans!

Halloween Party - October 2018
Some very creative costumes were on display at this year's Halloween Party....thanks to Mike & Julie for hosting.

SCCC Fall Auto X - October 2018
Hosted at Pueblo Motorsports Park and sponsored by Daniels Long Chevrolet it was a great event.

Drive & Dine - October 2018
A great group headed to the Three Sisters Restaurant in Colorado City for dinner and a birthday party!

SCCC Annual Color Run - September 2018
We had 36 members attend this year's event.  Headed to Durango for the weekend and took the train to Silverton.  Lots of colors and lots of fun!

Rocky Mtn Region Event - Corvettes in Keystone - Labor Day Weekend 2018
Our club had some members attend the annual RMR event in Keystone.  We were wll represented at the awards ceremonies.

Corvettes in Carlisle - August 2018
The largest Corvette gathering in America.....over 5000 Corvettes.  We had three couples attend this famous show.

Vettes on the Rockies - Steamboat Springs, CO - August 2018
We had two couples attend the 45th VOTR.

CSCC Daniels Long Chevrolet Car Show - August 18, 2018
Our club attended the CSCC annual car show at Daniels Long Chevrolet in Colorado Springs.  Our club was well represented during the trophy presentations.

SCCC Birthday Bash - July 2018
We celebrated our club's 36th birthday at Lake Pueblo State Park.

Black Hills Corvette Classic - July 2018
A mid July trip to South Dakota to attend the BHCC.  Great weather and lots of fun!

Missouri Day - Fowler, CO. - July 2018
We attended the Missouri Day parade in Fowler, CO.

Pueblo Municipal Band 4th of July Concert - 2018
The SCCC was a sponsor of this year's concert.  We had 10 cars parked above the amphitheater.  Good music and a good time!

Drive & Dine - June 9, 2018
Twenty four SCCC members headed up to the Lodge at San Isabel for a brunch.  A great day for a drive!

Dealership Drive & Dine - May 15, 2018
We went to Daniels Long Chevrolet  for a dinner provided by our sponsoring dealership.  As a treat we got to see the new 2019 ZR-1

Pueblo Hot Chili Auto Cross - April 22, 2018
A record number of participants raced on a glorious Sunday at Pueblo Motorsports Park.

Pueblo Hot Chili Rallye - April 21, 2018
The first SCCC Rallye in five years was lots of fun!

Manzanola, CO - Car Show - April 14, 2018
On a cold and windy day a few hardy souls from the SCCC headed east to support the local Boy Scout Troop with their annual car show.  Our club had three winners.

Christmas Party - 2017
We had a great time at our annual Christmas party, held at the Pueblo Country Club.

Veterans Day Parade - November 11, 2017
We had a great turnout to honor our country's veterans.

Halloween Party - October 27, 2017
Thanks to Mike and Julie for hosting a great party.  The costumes were fantastic!

Drive & Dine - October 21, 2017
We traveled to La Junta for dinner at the Mexico City Cafe which is owned by members Robert and Mona.

SCCC Auto X at PMP - October 15, 2017
A great fall day for our club to host an AutoX event at Pueblo Motorsports Park.  Lots of smiles!

Avondale Veterans Parade - October 7, 2017
Three SCCC members volunteered to transport parade dignitaries at the annual Avondale Veterans Parade.

SCCC Color Run - September 23, 2017
The club traveled to Glenwood Springs and then thru Aspen on the way home.  Lots of good colors and fun along the way.

Drive and Dine - September 8, 2017
The SCCC traveled to the Three Sisters Restaurant in Colorado City for some good food and a good time!

Corvettes in Keystone - September 1-3, 2017
The Rocky Mountain Region of the NCCC held a fun weekend event in Keystone, CO.

TORCA Car Show - August 27, 2017
The SCCC had three winners at the TORCA car show held in Longmont, CO.

Daniels Long Car Show - August 12, 2017
The annual CSCC car show at Daniels Long.  Our club had 10 cars in the show and we had 3 winners!

SCCC 35th Anniversary - August 5, 2017
A picnic was held at Lake Pueblo State Park to celebrate the SCCC's 35th Anniversary.

Garage Gathering - July 21, 2017
Dale and Anne hosted some hungry SCCC members at their home.

Missouri Day Parade - July 15, 2017
The SCCC continued its tradition of particpating in the Missouri Day parade in Fowler Colorado.

Pueblo Municipal Band 4th of July Concert - July 2, 2017
The SCCC was one of the sponsors for this year's concert.  

Soap Box Derby - June 9, 2017
The SCCC derby car was piloted by Blake Z. this year.  He had lots of fun racing down Joplin Hill in Puelbo.

SCCC Pizza Party - June 8, 2017
Members brought ingredients for their favorite pizza to Rick & Jill's home.  Rick & Jill provided the rounds and the sauce and Rick cooked all the pizzas in their outdoor pizza oven.  A great night for a party.

Drive & Dine - May 12, 2017
We had a great turn out at Milberger Farms for our monthly Drive & Dine event.

Pot Luck and Game Night - April 21, 2017
Twenty three SCCC members attended a pot luck dinner and game night at the Clark's home.

Manzanola, CO Boy Scout Car Show - April 8, 2017
A few SCCC members drove out to Manzanola to support the BSA at a car show.

Drive & Dine - March 10, 2017
Over 30 members drove to Colorado City to have dinner at the Three Sisters Restaurant.

Christmas Party - December 3, 2016
Fifty SCCC members and guests attended this year's party which was held at the Pueblo Country Club.  Entertainment was by the CooperSonics.  It was a fun filled event with very good food and music.

Veterans Day Parade - Pueblo, CO. - November 12, 2016
The SCCC had 21 cars in this year's parade.  Thanks to all who attended this event to honor our our country's Veterans.

Halloween Party - October 28, 2016
A party hardy group of SCCC members attended the party at Mike & Julie's home.

Garage Gathering - October 14, 2016
Thanks to Dave and Linda for hosting a great event.  Lots of good food and friendship.

Auto X at PMP - October 9, 2016
The final Auto X event of the year was hosted by the SCCC.  A great day for competition.  Thanks to CSCC for the timing equipment and Daniels Long Chevrolet for sponsoring the event and providing lunch.

Annual Color Run - October 1, 2016
Twenty eight members headed to Steamboat Springs for the night.  Lots of color in the trees along the way.  A good trip with lots of fun.

SCCC Corvette Expo - September 24, 2016
The Pueblo Country Club invited us to put on an expo of America's Sports Car.  We had 26 cars and a great day!

Trip to the National Corvette Musuem - September 10-17, 2016
Seven couples made the trip from Pueblo to Bowling Green, KY.  After touring the GM Factory, driving and riding at the Motorsports Park, and touring the museum, we headed to Louisville for a couple of days of more fun!

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day - September 17, 2016
Health Solutins held a city wide event to honor local Law Enformcement.  Our club was asked to participate and we sent 7 cars.  Thanks to our members who were there and to our Law Enforcement friends.

RMR Gathering in Keystone, September 2-3, 2016
The Rocky Mountain Region of the NCCC held a gathering which included Auto X , a car show, and a Rallye.

Garage Gathering in Colorado Springs, August 27, 2016
The SCCC went to Brian & Pam's home for a pizza party.  Lots of good food and fun for all.

Daniels Long Chevrolet Corvette Car Show, August 20, 2016
A group from the SCCC drove up to Colorado Springs to attend the annual Daniels Long Car Show.

Garage Gathering in Cotopaxi, CO. 7-23-16
Jim & Nancy hosted a gathering at their mountain home.  Cooler weather with lots of great food and fun times.

Missouri Day Parade - Fowler, CO. 7-16-16
Our club's annual participation in the Missouri Day parade.  Lunch was at Shorty's on the Mesa.

Concert by the Pueblo Municipal Band - July 3, 2016
Our club was the featured guest at the PMB's annual patriotic concert.  We tailgated and put on a mini car show for those attending the concert.  Good times and Great music!

Car Show at Bruce McCandless Veterans Home - July 2, 2016
A few of our members teamed up with some Mustang Club and Mopar Club members and put on a private car show for the residents.  It was fun to visit with the Veterans.

Club Photo Day - June 18, 2016
It had been 7 years since our last group car photo.  We had 24 cars participate.  We were at the airport in the morning and downtown right after lunch.  It was hot, but we had a great time!

Garage Gathering - June 17, 2016
It was hot in Pueblo when 32 club members gathered for some food and fun!  Thanks to Rocky & Janet.

Soap Box Derby Day - June, 11 2016
The SCCC sponsored car was piloted by Nick Tibbs.  Nick did a great job of racing all day long.

Cruise to Cripple Creek - May 22, 2016
Over 30 members headed up into the mountains to Bronco Billy's Casino for brunch and some gambling fun.

Garage Gathering - May 13, 2016
We had 30 members come out to Jim & Pam's home for a BBQ feast and some fun!

Auto Cross Event at PMP - April 10, 2016
The SCCC hosted an Auto X at PMP.  Thanks to all who made the event a success and fun!

Manzanola, CO Car Show - April 2, 2016
The Manzanola Boy Scout Troop hosted their third annual car show.  We had 20 members and 13 vehicles attend.  Four award winners!

Lunch with the Central Colorado Corvette Club - March 5, 2016
The CCCC came to Pueblo for lunch and a visit to the air museum.  We joined them for lunch and a photo session at the Country Club.

Street Clean & Breakfast at Max's - February 1, 2016
A large group turned out for our monthly street clean project and then a drive down to Max's for breakfast.

Christmas Party - December 5, 2015
Close to 50 members attended our annual Christmas party at DJ's Steakhouse.  Music was by the CooperSonics.

Veterans Parade - Pueblo, CO November 7, 2015
We had eleven cars participate in this year's parade to honor our country's veterans.  

Lions Club Car Show October 10, 2015
The first annual car show for the Rye/Colorado City Lions Club.  Our club entered 8 Corvettes and 3 other cars.

Color Run September 25-27, 2015
Members traveled to Montrose for the weekend to see the fall colors.  Cars and Colors Festival in Telluride on Saturday.

SC3 Garage Gathering - September 18, 2015
Members were invited to Rocky and Janet's home for a meal and lots of fun.

Food, Fun, More Food, More Fun - August 30, 2015
Twenty members went for a breakfast cruise then up to Castle Rock and lunch at Cheddar's

Time Fly's When You're Having Fun/Rum - August 22, 2015
Cruise to San Isabel Lodge for lunch then up to Westcliffe for rum tasting.

Daniels Long Car Show - August 15, 2015
Our club sponsor's annual car show.

SC3 Garage Gathering - August 14, 2015
Members gathered at Dennis & Patty's home for a pot luck.

Ordway Days Celebration-Car Show - July 25, 2015
A few members headed out to Ordway for a car show.

Missouri Day in  Fowler, CO. - July 18, 2015
We entered some of our cars in the annual parade in Fowler.

Brunch at Bronco Billy's in Cripple Creek - July 12, 2015
We had 29 members and guests travel up to Cripple Creek for a brunch at Bronco Billy's and some fun.

Thunder in the Valley - July 11, 2015
Our club attended an all makes and models car show in Fountain, CO.

Drive & Dine - 7-10-15
A trip to Pueblo West attracted 26 club members for dinner at Gaby's.

Soap Box Derby Race in Pueblo, June 20, 2015
Our club sponsors a car in the Soap Box Derby.  Our driver, Dagny Noring, finished third overall.

CSCC Car Show in Westcliffe, CO 6-13-15
We had 9 members attend the first annual all Corvette Car show in Westcliffe.  We had three club cars win trophies!

Friday Afternoon Garage Gathering, 6-12-15
We had 39 members attend a fun event at a members home.

Brew with a View, Westcliffe, CO 5-30-15
Members attended a craft brewery event in Westcliffe, CO.

All Corvette Car Show - May 17th, 2015
Four members drove to Longmont to attend the Top of the Rockies Corvette Association's 30th anniversary celebration and car show.

Corvette Gathering - Milberger Farms - April 25, 2015
Lovin' our Vettes!  There were 37 Corvettes at this event.

Racing at Pueblo Motorsports Park - April 18th & 19th, 2015
Lots of fun with our first ever drag race event on Saturday and an Auto X on Sunday.

Drive & Dine- April 10th, 2015
The skies were cloudy but se still had 26 members come out for good food at Cats Pour House in Pueblo West.

Boy Scout Car Show in Mannzanola, CO - April 4th, 2015
We had 25 members and guests attend this event to support the Manzanola Boy Scout troop.

Christmas Party - December 6th, 2014
What a great party.  There were 40 members and guests.  Music by the Coopersonics...they Rock!

Wine & Cheese Tasting Party - November 16th, 2014
Even a snowy day couldn't keep the party from starting.  

PuebloVeterans Parade November 8th, 2014
Eleven cars participated in this years parade.  Thanks to all who served.

Halloween Party October 31st 2014
A group of fun loving club members got dressed up in some pretty cool costumes.

Sonic Night - October 10th, 2014
A fun night with good food at Coke's Diner in Fountain, CO.

Color Run - October 2014
Twenty SCCC members and guests traveled to Grand Junction to see the fall colors and have lots of fun along the way.

Auto X - La Junta - Spetember 28th, 2014
Our club co sponsored an Auto X event in La Junta.

San Isabel Lodge - Brunch on September 13th, 2014
A hungry group of club members headed up to San Isabel Lodge for a good meal and a fun drive.

Daniels Long Chevrolet Car Show - September 6th, 2014
Our club sponsor put on a great car show.

Lincoln, NE - Kuck and Speedway Museums - Aug. 25th, 2014
We got to see three different very unique private car collections in two days.  

Imperial, NE - Chase County Classic Car Show - Aug. 16, 2014
We had 21 members and guests attend this great car show and party.

Missouri Day Parade - Fowler, CO July 19, 2014
We got to show off our new club windshield banners at today's parade.  Our cars looked sharp!

Concert Train Trip - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band  June 28th, 2014
A gorgeous sunny day for a train ride into the mountains to see a great band.  Good food and fun along the way

Soap Box Derby - June 21st, 2014
The first day of summer, the weather was hot and so was our club's race car.  Piloted by Dagney she guided the car into the finals!

Pot Luck Dinner - June 19th, 2014
We all gathered at the Jaco's home for a pot luck to party on the last day the Vegas Valley Vette group was in town.  Food + Vettes = Fun!

Vegas Valley Vettes Visit Pueblo - June 18th & 19th, 2014
A group from Las Vegas stopped in Pueblo for a couple of days on their way home from the NCM.  We had a fun time hanging out with them.

Sky Sox Baseball Game - June 14th, 2014
Our group headed to Colorado Springs to have a meal and watch some baseball.  Mother Nature decided to turn things cold....but the food was good!

Sonic Night - June 13th
It was Friday the 13th....but 22 members headed out to Shorty's on the Mesa.

Daniels Long Chevrolet - May Meeting
Our club is now sponsored by Daniels Long Chevrolet of Colorado Springs.  The dealership hosted an open house and our monthly May meeting.

Christmas Party - December 2013
Party was at Mozart, Music by The CooperSonics, a good time for all who attended.

Wine & Cheese Tasting Party - Nov. 10th, 2013
Always a fun event.  Thanks to members Lucky and Jannett for hosting a great party!

Veteran's Parade - Pueblo, CO. Nov. 9th, 2013
Our club provided cars and drivers for the Navaho Code Talkers and parade dignitaries.  In addition we hosted and honored local veterans.

The Navaho Code Talkers escorted into Pueblo
The SCCC was honored to assist the American Legion Riders in escorting the Navaho Code Talkers into Pueblo for Veteran's Day activities

Halloween Party - October 26th, 2013
Eighteen fun loving members attended a great party hosted by Mike & Julie

Harchelroad Motors Corvette Classic - October 12th, 2013
Six couples went to Imperial Nebraska for a great car show and some test drives in the new C7.

Avondale Veteran's Parade - October 5, 2013
The SCCC was asked to provide transport for the parade dignitaries.  In addtion to those four cars, the club had two other cars participate.

SCCC Annual Color Run 2013 - September 14th & 15th
The group met for breakfast in Canon City, then headed to Silverthorn for the night.  Vail and Salida the next day.  

La Veta Concert Train to see Ricky Skaggs - August 10, 2013
Twenty music loving people took the train to Fir, CO. for a fun day.  After the concert we dined at the La Veta Loco.

Black Hills Corvette Classic Trip - July 18-21, 2013
The SCCC sent six Corvettes to the BHCC in Spearfish, SD.  It was a great trip, lots of beautiful scenery, including the new C7.

Soap Box Derby - June 15, 2013
Our club sponsored car #65 was piloted by Dagny Noring.  She did a great job and the club support for this event was fantastic.

Dine, Drive, Dine - June 1, 2013  We had a fun group attend an event we do and drive.  Breakfast at the Spitfire, a drive on the Highway of Legends over Cuchara Pass, Lunch at the La Veta Loco.  Spectacular scenery along with great food and lots of fun!

Autocross at La Junta - May 5, 2013
What a lot of fun.  Our clubs first ever hosted Autocross.  38 drivers and several clubs represented.

Christmas Party - December 8, 2012
Thirty five members and guests attented a great party.

Wine Tasting Party November 11, 2012
The third annual wine tasting party was a great success.

Veterans Day Parade in Pueblo - November 10, 2012
Eight member cars were in this year's parade.

Halloween Mystery Menu Dinner - October 27, 2012
Twenty one club members turned out in costume for this fun evening.

Color Run - Overnight in Taos, N.M. September 28, 2012
Fourteen members went on this year's color run.   Perfect timing as the trees were spectacular!

A Day Trip to the St. James Hotel, Cimarron, N.M. September 8, 2012
Fourteen members attended this event, a nice drive, good food, and good friends.

Sonic Night - August 24, 2012
Ten cars and 18 people came out for a good meal at the Hangar restaurant.

Gunnison Car Show - August 17-19, 2012
Seventeen members and guests went to the mountains for a great car show.

Sky Sox Car Show & Ball Game - August 12, 2012
The SCCC had 26 members and guests attend this fun event.

Fowler - Missouri Days Parade - July 14, 2012
We attended the annual Missouri Days celebration in Fowler Colorado.  We had 10 cars in the parade.

Sky Sox Game June 21, 2012
On the first day of summer the SCCC had 26 people come out for a great night of baseball in Colorado Springs.

Soap Box Derby - June 16, 2012
Our club purchased a derby car and then got it race ready in a very short period of time.  Club members came out to support this community event.

CSCC AUTOCROSS event attended by SCCC April 29, 2012
Our club had five members race in the AUTOCROSS event at PPIR.  

SCCC Hosts a Rallye on April 22, 2012
Our club hosted an NCCC sanctioned Rallye which had 19 teams from up and down the Front Range entered.

Jaco's Host a Pot Luck April 14, 2012
Burt and Sharon hosted the SCCC at their home.

Streetscape Clean-Up March 31, 2012
Our club again this year continues to provide regular clean-up to Norhern Avenue.  The city of Pueblo came out to our clean-up on the 31st and formally recognized our efforts.

Broncos vs Bears Football Party December 11, 2011
A gathering of twenty two SCCC members for another Tebow Time game.....Broncos win in overtime

SCCC Annual Christmas Party December 3rd, 2011
Forty two SCCC members came out for a night of fun, good food, good music, and lots of laughs.

Pueblo Veteran's Day Parade November 5th 2011
Several club members participated in this years parade.  Our club was honored to provide rides for the Grand Marshall and two other parade marshalls.

Fort Carson Trunk or Treat October 27th 2011
Our club took six car to the annual Wounded Warrior's Trunk or Treat at Fort Carson

Wine and Cheese Party October 23rd 2011
Over 20 club members attended this fun event hosted by Lucky & Jannett

Milberger Farms Cruise Night September 16th, 2011
Fifteen Corvettes came out to the Mesa for good food and lots of fun.

Sonic Night September 9th, 2011
17 members attended a night on Pueblo Blvd with good food and great fun.

Sky Sox Car Show - August 28th 2011
Nine cars drove up to Colorado Springs to be in a car show and watch a ball game.

Car Show in Imperial Nebraska - August 20, 2011
A group of 11 cars headed to Nebraska for a good time and great car show.

Sonic Night - August 12, 2011
We met at the Sonic on Elizabeth and then went to Romero's for dinner.

BBQ at Burt and Sharon's House - July 23rd 2011
A large group of club members and friends from the RMCSC joined together for a BBQ

Sky Sox Baseball Game - July 19th 2011
We had 10 cars head from Pueblo to Colorado Springs for a $2 Tuesday at the Sky Sox.

Royal Gorge Car Show - July 17th 2001
The RMCSC put on their annual car show.  Dan Samento from Canon City organized the gathering.

Missouri Days, Fowler, CO July 16th 2011
The SCCC showed up in numbers to participate in the parade at the annual festival.

Community Service - StreetScape July 13th 2011
The SCCC has adopted a section of Northern Avenue as part of the Pueblo StreetScape other words we pick up the trash

Sonic Night - July 8th 2011
We met and dined at the Pueblo West Sonic.  The storms didn't keep us away....a great turnout.

June 4th 2011 Car Show
The SCCC along with the Mustang and Mopar Clubs put on a car show at the SCGC

Corvette Museum - May 22nd - May 29th 2011
The SCCC headed East to visit the Corvette factory and Museum in Bowling Green, KY.

Sonic Night - May 13th 2011
We met and dined at the Sonic on Santa Fe

April 16th 2011 Mystery Menu
Comments from attendees were.."What a blast"..."If you missed this you missed lots of fun"

April 2nd 2011 - Merlinos Belvidere Drive & Dine
18 members drove to Canon City for a great meal

March 19th  2011 - Muscle Car Cruise
The Mustang Club organized a cruise to Big Daddy's in Canon City.

March 2011 - Drive & Dines
We went to Zio's in Colorado Springs on March 10th and we had a pot luck at the Eagles on March 12th.

February 26th  2011 - SCCC Takes Flight

On Saturday evening February 26th 18 members and 2 guests left Pueblo at 6 pm and traveled to Colorado Springs to have dinner at the Airplane Restaurant. Our pilot for the evening was Bill Kenney. The menu at the restaurant is extensive and the food was very good. Everyone who attended had a good time and we all thank Bill for setting up this great cruise and dine.

Upon arrival we were seated inside the airplane fuselage. The airplane is a Boeing KC-97, one of the largest piston aircraft ever built by Boeing. The KC-97 was used a tanker to refill other aircraft during flight. You can walk to the front and see the cockpit and also at the rear of the plane view the small area where a crew member would work to extend the boom to another aircraft for refueling.

11-8-2008 Vetern's Day Parade

10-4-2008 Color Run

2008 All Chevy Show

2007 Annual Christmas Party

9-29-07 Annual Car Show  Results

12-9-06  Annual Christmas Party at La Renaissance

Color Run to La Veta

9-23-06  Red Hot Chili Festival

6-25-06 Garage Tour

6-10-06 Spradley Dealer Show - Sponsor Appreciation Show.

5-20-06 Fun In The Sun Show - At the Corvette Center by CSCC

March 06 Canon City run to Big Daddy's

10-23-04  John Anderson's Color Run

9-26-04  Chile Festival Show - Red Hot Corvette Show

8-28-04  Spradley Dealer Show - Sponsor Appreciation Show.

5-14-05  Fun In The Sun Show  - At the Corvette Center by CSCC