One grand night in December of 07, Saturday the 22nd to be very precise, Our SCCC friends gathered together since they thought it would be quite nice. Our host, Gina Dutcher was all in a flutter, as she merrily made all the plans for this very grand dinner, all the way down to the very last pat of butter. We stormed to the Pueblo convention center to see all that she mustered. From 5 to 6 we gathered and clustered.

         Drinks flowed forth, thanks to a grand gift from Rocky and Janet, all the conversation was happy and warm wouldn't you know it.  As more and more gathered it created a joyous racket in that very large room happiness was drawn as if by a magnet. and Janet broke out her camera to show off her shutter bug talent. Every-ones picture was taken with care in the hopes that in here they would soon air.

Vicki, helped out getting us all signed in and counted and handed each guest a ticket with a grin as she allowed the festivities to begin. Rick called on all the guests to gather round the stage for the group photos that show us at our best. Then he rang the bell announcing that dinner was set. Precisely at 6  our extended family set out, to promenade around carts set piling high with copious amounts roast beast and fixin’s to make even the grumpiest of grinches smile and sigh.

After the chicken, roast and pie were consumed the real fun began with a frantic search about the room. For hidden out in plain view of all were rubber duckys galore, sitting proud and tall. But one ducky was special, and one stood out in the show. For the one dressed in a fireman’s clothes brought fortune and good luck to his new owner don’t you know. For that new owner got the first present of the night and applause and a glow to scare off any fright. As Gina handed out that grand gift excitement was brewing and you knew it would go swift. For sitting in front of all were envelopes that held more, what treasures could it be that they bore?. These envelopes that were marked “for girl” and “for boy”, each held questions of laughter and joy. For the girls there were questions on movie stars & more, for the boys they were centered about our favorite Corvette toys. The answers were tallied and to the winners went more gifts and to the others a groan or a sigh. But quick as a wink the groans turned to smiles as raffle tickets were drawn to bring on an even more pleasant surprise as more gifts were handed out through the night. Rick took the stage about 7:45 to thank his cabinet with yet another surprise. To each of his officers he gave out tokens of thanks for all of their work throughout the year in the ranks.

Promptly at 8pm Matt and his band took to the stage to play that old rock which made this swareé grand! They rocked out the night much to the dancers delight as laughter and fun completely engulfed all in the room. My head grew weary from all the fun of this night. My yawns grew larger as the amps thumped out an ole favorite  "Magic Carpet Ride". I reached for my kerchief and coat and wished good bye to all. Many worked hard to make this night a delight. To all of you THANK-YOU; you did it up right. I headed out now to hitch up my Corvette sleigh and headed on home through the cold and snow of earlier that day. As my tail-lights faded into the night you could hear my last whisper, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.                                  

 Todd Frederick 




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